April 16, 2024

Doug “Rabbit” Sutherland, Minister of Reality




Long, long before all videos
   Went viral, to a flaw,
There was an old time “movie short”
   That everybody saw.

It showed a huge contraption in
   A carpet making mill,
And, up above, a catwalk where
   A worker took a spill

And fell into the workings where
   It gobbled up his hide
And wove him into throw rugs where
   He peered out, stupefied!

I thought it was a lesson in
   How not to live a life–
A sort of cautionary tale
   To save us pain and strife.

In other words, the movie said,
   “Beware of getting smug
And falling into someone’s life
   And ending up a rug!”


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2 Responses to “Doug “Rabbit” Sutherland, Minister of Reality”
  1. robbin day says:

    Are you still alive? Do you remember rockin’ robin from the Diner in Sedona? You wrote a poem about me in the Excentric many years ago. Yep, I’m still around. Are YOU?

  2. Donna says:

    Hey rabbit! Remember me?? Meow lol

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