June 1, 2023

QUANTUM GARDENING, by Doug (Rabbit) Sutherland



I spaded up my garden and
I planted beans that climb;
I planted fragrant rosemary;
I planted sage and thyme.

I planted squash and carrots and
Tomatoes, corn and kale;
I planted cukes and onions, but
My thyme began to fail!

I planted spuds and lettuce and
Cilantro, chard and peas;
I planted beets and peppers while
My thyme dropped to its knees!

My Brussels sprouts were cheering as
My garlic raised a toast;
My parsley celebrated as
My thyme gave up the ghost!

(Make room, dear Stephen Hawking, for
The Physicist of Rhyme!–
Courageously rewriting, A
Brief History of Thyme!)

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