December 8, 2022

Doug “Rabbit” Sutherland, Minister of Reality



A mother had a daughter that
   She named, Ellipsis Lane–
An awful lot like Lois, but
   Ellipsis was not sane!

Instead of chasing Superman,
   Ellipsis chased the sun.
The girl could never catch it ‘cuz
   That meant she would have won!

Ellipsis, as you likely know,
   Are periods, in line–
Exactly three, like, dot, dot, dot–
   A punctuation sign

That indicates a trailing off,
   A silence, never solved,
An emptiness in what comes next,
   Denouement, unresolved!

So, poor Ellipsis lived a life
   Of dreams that turned to fluff.
She started with conviction, but
   She couldn’t finish…

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