August 10, 2022

Doug “Rabbit” Sutherland, Minister of Reality



So, I’ve a major bone to pick–
   So fervently, I’m blue!
So let me earnestly explain
   So you’ll know what I do!

So what I know I know I hear,
   So you must hear it too.
So let us raise one angry voice
   So we can act on cue!

So, “so” is what this is about!
   So now you glimpse my view!
“So” is an on-air pox to purge
   So it’s flushed down the loo!

“So” starts too many sentences,
   “So” is a crutch, a glue,
“So” messes up discussions and
   “So” wrecks each interview!

“So” is a vile distraction and,
   So help me, Truth will glow
When I shout, “Death to so and so’s
   Who start each thought with ‘so’!”

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