January 28, 2021

Thrill Seeking Big Picture


The Sedona Excentric Task Force takes a look at thrill seekers and the risks they are willing to take to get that rush. This spirited diver took to the seas to encounter great white sharks up close and personal. Some adrenaline junkies take to tall buildings and leap to the streets below with small parachutes. Others dive off cliffs with wing-like suits and soar like birds in the drafts. There are bungee jumpers, sky divers, and more. While it would appear most extreme excursions involve the sky, the man pictured here is among the few that delve into the deep blue sea. Some people around the globe find their thrills simply by reading the Sedona Excentric. To date, no serious accidents have been reported as a result of laughing or generally being entertained by the brilliant staff of writers that include James Bishop, Jr., Doug ‘Rabbit’ Sutherland, William F. Jordan, Brendon Marks, Joe Evrard, Joel Mann, Denny Mandeville, and guest appearances by Will Durst. Please feel free to search these fine writers and authors online and drop them a ‘well done.’

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