February 27, 2024

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The Sedona Excentric Special Task Force investigates the power of laughter. Many studies have proven that laughter is indeed the best medicine, but the staff of the Sedona Excentric went the extra mile and studied the effects on other species in the animal kingdom. Touring the coast of northern California our crew took a handful of Excentric papers and visited the seal kingdom.

Attitudes displayed among the seals seemed to range from lethargic to bored. Basking in the sun one sunny morning, they were entertained with readings from the papers. Like many readers, they were as tickled with the articles as they were with the pictures, although they at times showed a puzzling look when read the columns from Jim Bishop.

Evidently their vocabulary, much like the editor of this rag, is limited. The staff returned days later and found the same seals smiling, seemingly discussing a few of the articles they had heard. A few of the happy seals seemed to want to pose for a photograph.

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