November 28, 2023

Another Big Picture…


The Sedona Excentric Task Force takes a look at the ramifications of the recent legalization of growing pot in some states of the United States and some isolated cities around the world. Not impressed by the news, this group of pot growers has been gathering in their courtyard as long as they can remember. While they have yet to dry and smoke any of their many horticultural products, they all seem suspiciously mellow. Perhaps the pot plants they grow emit a euphoric pheromone causing one to be naturally laid back, but this group of growers can sit and stare at the walls forever. Even the Dachshund meandered the pot-lined courtyard without so much as a yip or a yap as our team of photographers wandered in and out. Our staff spent hours searching for a garden hose long enough to keep the plants watered. Perhaps it was this very courtyard and its inhabitants that encouraged governments to loosen legal restrictions on pot growing. Spending time with this group we realized each day seemed like the beginning of time. Collectively, no one recalled the day before.

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