August 10, 2022

Another Big Picture Page


The Sedona Excentric Task Force takes a look at yet another online dating site. Feeling left out, these experienced women are establishing a start-up company to help hook up seniors. Non-discriminating, these gals say the site is open to all creeds, races, ages and sexual orientation. Dating sites already exist for African Americans, Christians, Boomers, serious daters, casual daters, cheaters, farmers, even professionals (whatever that means). However, until now, no one has targeted the long-lived – octogenarians on up – If the date ends up with someone spending the night, bed rails can be deployed to prevent accidents requiring a call to a medical alert company. Males are provided with an optional “help” button that notifies the local pharmacy equipped with a Global Positioning System to deliver Viagra. All the male need do is press the button and recite (in a variety of languages), “It’s fallen and it can’t get up.” Also available are protection accessories and portable oxygen tanks. The site will be up and running soon.

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