February 18, 2019

They’re Here . . .


The Sedona Excentric Task Force takes a look at new forms extraterrestrial visitors may be embodying. As little to no evidence has emerged among all the hoopla that alines are residing on planet Earth, proponents of claims that stellar travelers have settled here have shifted from little green or gray human-like forms to that of domestic animals. Proof is offered in this photograph captured by a believer that his newly adopted canine is, in fact, a vessel for a Pleiadian Star System Inter-stellar Commander. His “dog” Atlantis, is shown here conducting a mind meld with his daughter, Lemuria, who seems to be enjoying, if not actively participating in the event. Mind melds can also allow more than one mind to experience memories and sensations, and sometimes even interact with the memories. As far as the Pleiadians, they are known to have brought dolphins to Earth many centuries ago – we know so because JFK’s spirit had previously contacted a human through automatic writing to tell us so. Of course, anyone with children will tell you their kids are the actual aliens.

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