September 27, 2023

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The Sedona Excentric Task Force takes a look at UFOs and the claims of sightings by ordinary people living in and near Sedona, AZ.. Pictured left is Bell Rock, a well known landmark in the Village of Oak Creek some seven miles south of Sedona. For decades, Bell Rock has been believed to be some sort of refueling station for visiting¬† extraterrestrial vessels. Some believe Bell Rock has like a garage underground to repair UFOs. Denny Mandeville, the owner of Canyon Automotive in Sedona, doubts the claims. “We have state of the art equipment here and our training is as advanced as any offered. If Extraterrestrials needed repairs, I would venture that would look us up. After all, we have been servicing vehicles that belong to people who are out there for decades.” The smoke coming out of Bell Rock’s stack was rumored to be a repair gone bad. It was also thought to be smoke signals from aliens to let their search party know where to find them. Others think the smoke was from a extraterrestrial hookah party.

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