June 1, 2023

The Truth Behind Contrails


The Sedona Excentric crack staff members take a look at the heretofore unexplained increase in contrails in the skies above the Verde Valley. Our crack staff members sat perched high in a tree for weeks, descending only to eat and use the potty. Our people were armed with really long straws, hoping to catch super-sonic jets in action spewing toxic artificial vapor clouds to be tested by experts to discern their chemical content. In the late 1990s, theories cropped up about the government spraying chemicals in to the atmosphere for a variety of reasons.Some believed they were attempting to control the weather. If that were the case, unless they were trying to make it really, really hot – they failed miserably. Others believe private companies are spraying the earth with GMO seeds designed to negatively affect organically grown crops. The only proof of contrails they were able to capture with their phone camera came from this majestic eagle zeroing in on its prey at a speed so great its talons produced condensation, much like that from a jet. Naysayers in the Verde Valley may claim this picture was photo-shopped, but our staff stands by its authenticity.

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