December 9, 2023

Sheep Rancher vs BLM . . .


The Sedona Excentric crack staff members take a look a hunters in Wyoming claiming the Bureau of Land and Management is responsible for reintroducing grey wolves to the area that threaten their livelihood. While protected from hunting in most circumstances, the wolves are generally accepted as nature’s way of thinning out the deer population that, in great numbers, can adversely affect vegetation necessary to the survival of other wildlife. This rancher, subsidized by the government for sheep meat and wool, found a loophole in the laws prohibiting the killing of wolves. It seems there is no specific statute that makes it illegal to accidentally shoot a wolf while intoxicated in your back yard hot tub as long as you are wearing the obligatory orange hunter’s cap. A spokesperson from the BLM stated that if the tub owner were to cause a drastic reduction in the number of grey wolves, they could proceed with legal action. Nearby rednecks warned that if BLM agents came in and tried to confiscate the hunter’s beer, there would be trouble. Other wolf haters threatened to stampede their sheep in the general direction of the BLM agents. Baaaaad move!

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