December 9, 2023

Crackdown on Immigration


Sedona Excentric World looks at the recent crackdown on immigration at the Arizona border. Complaints about racial profiling by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office under the supervision of Joe Arpaio, have resulted in human smuggling coyotes embracing newer and more clever techniques to successfully transport illegal aliens into the United States. While most immigrants come here in search of a better life or to escape persecution in their own country, the few that break U.S. laws, besides entering without permission, leave a stain on the remaining many millions of non-union laborers. There was a time when temporary migratory workers were welcome in the U.S., but now that people are willing to pay $3 for a head of lettuce or $4 per pound for berries, grapes and other produce, temporary visas seem to be few and far between. The group of potential farm hands pictured above were able to sneak by the beefed up border patrol pretending to be automobile tires. Could’ve fooled anyone.


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