April 25, 2024

Nice Boots!


The Sedona Excentric crack staff members take a look at two-toned boots as a new summer fashion statement throughout the southwest. While traveling in her hot rod through small towns, attending antique car shows, this person takes time out to pose with her car and show off her boots. It seems her boots were a big hit with passerby, as many people, especially men, admiring her boots asked for a photograph. Made of mixed leathers, the boots instep uppers match the belt worn by the roadster owner. Our own staff members tried to get the woman to divulge where she purchased the boots. As it turns out, they were hand tooled by a cobbler friend of hers. the entire day that the hot rod lady was posing with her car, people were going by overheard whispering, “Nice boots!,” “Great boots,” “Check out those boots” and “Those are some big boots.” One was even heard doubting if the boots were real. When asked what size her boots were, our staff members were shocked to hear they were only size 6. A few comments were made about the car as some were heard saying, “Great body,” and “Those are the biggest headlights I’ve ever seen.”

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  1. Cammie says:

    So that’s the case? Quite a reteoaviln that is.

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