December 9, 2023

Big Christams Picture


The Sedona Excentric takes a big picture look at what happens to people who get those hand knitted Christmas vests and sweaters. While Great Aunts and Grandmothers may think they are adorable, these people are marred psychologically for the remainder of their lives. Take this nice young man, for instance. He was the victim of receiving knitted and crocheted vests and sweaters for years. His parents would parade him around on display at holiday gatherings in front of relatives and neighbors. Everyone made such a fuss over him, he thought he was quite the attraction. Now, all grown up, though still living with his parents, our vest victim poses for personalized cards with his cat, Muffy. It would appear that at least one relative is around and retains the talent to keep our selfie photo postcard boy outfitted in the latest and greatest fashions. At least we can finally put to rest what they meant in the carol, “Don we now our gay apparel.”

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