August 12, 2022

Doug “Rabbit” Sutherland, Minister of Reality



My grandpa told me, long ago,
He’d had a talk with God!
I quickly raised my eyebrows and
Declared ol’ Gramps a fraud!

“I see you don’t believe me, boy,
You think I’ve lost my mind!
But God has time for folks like me
Who’ve fallen far behind.

“In fact, He has a special spot
For those who’ve lost their game;
He takes a special interest in
The folks who take the blame!

“In failure I was writhing–in
Self-loathing and disgust!
Through gagging tears I asked my Lord
If I’d betrayed his trust.”

“I’ve watched you do your best,” God said,
“The best that you could do!
Your best is good enough for Me;
Why not, my son, for you?”

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