August 10, 2022

Doug “Rabbit” Sutherland, Minister of Reality



It could have been a typo, but
   My screen declared it true:
“500 Year Old Women Would
   Just Love To Dine With You!”

Five hundred year old women!  Wow!
   I’ve never dated one!
But, dinner conversations might
   Just turn out to be fun!

She might have camped at Jamestown or
   Baked clams at Plymouth Rock!
She might have posed for Rembrandt or
   Sung lullabies to Bach!

She might have dated Jan Vermeer
   Or eaten Cromwell’s hens!
She might have peeked at Richelieu
   Through Galileo’s lens!

But, Thomas Hobbs and William Penn
   And old Chris Wren all died!
To her, I might look pretty hot
   Since Francis Bacon’s fried!


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