April 16, 2024

Doug “Rabbit” Sutherland, Minister of Reality


Since everyone is doing it,
   It shouldn’t be a shock.
He told me just last Saturday
   When we were on our walk.

He looked up from his leash and said,
   “My memoir’s in the works!
Don’t worry, as my owner, you’ll
   Get wealthy on the perks!”

I looked at him askance and said,
   “The fleas have got your brain.
Just who would read a memoir by
   A dog who’s not known pain?”

“My pain is in my doggy eyes,”
   He barked.  “I make it up!
Americans buy titles, dude!
   I knew that as a pup!

“It doesn’t matter what I write;
   The title is the means!
It’s, Life’s a Bitch–An Expose:
   Gay Dogs In the Marines!”

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