August 10, 2022

Do Blondes Really Have More Fun?


The Sedona Excentric Task Force takes a look at adages and puts them to the Myth or Fact Test. We are more thorough than the typical tests done by typical testers. Take the adage that blondes have more fun. It must first be accepted that most blondes achieve their hair color from a bottle. It is usually easy to detect, as there are other body parts with hair that are of natural origin – like the eyebrows. In order to discover whether or not there is more fun had by natural blondes, our staff members went as far back as possible to make a scientific determination. Take this blonde child pictured. based on the physical evidence presented, it would indeed appear this blonde is having some serious fun. While the child’s eyebrows are covered in icing, her father, who gave his daughter the icing, testified that she was born blonde and has remained that way since. He, on the other hand, has brown hair rapidly turning gray. as he explained to our staff, since he has the responsibility of cleaning his daughter and house before his wife’s return, blondes do indeed have more fun.

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