December 9, 2023

Someone Please Send Me A Sign . . .


Any wonder people are confused when it comes to trusting signs? Whether it’s placed by a state, federal or local agency, it is a job often going to the lowest bidder and rarely supervised by the group writing the check. Rather than remove the red sign pictured below, the town who had a change of council that decided it was wrong to prohibit pets from being allowed in front of their offices, instead submitted a new contract for a sign permitting pets as long as they were leashed. The road sign is a bit more confusing. While directing drivers to Highways 202 and 35 with an arrow, the lower sign basically tells them to go around. These signs represent some life’s indicators over the years that have been passed on for our benefit. Remember when you shouldn’t drink alcohol? Now, one drink per day is suggested. Eggs? Good one year, bad the next. Meat – depends on blood type? Te food pyramid has again been reconstructed and refined sugar is out and red wine is in. Dark chocolate is must, except for your pets. It’s hard to know where to turn and who to believe. Politicians who lie to the public with a straight face are more popular than those who try to tell the truth. Remember Paul Tsongas, who said taxes need to be raised to cover the country’s expenses? Remember, “Read my lips” or, “There are WMDs?” Go figure.


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