August 22, 2019

Another Big Picture . . .


The Sedona Excentric Task Force takes a look at the spate of musicals slated for release by Hollywood in 2015. A remake of the classic Singin’ In The Rain and a musical version of Psycho and a reunion of Olivia Newton John and John Travolta in a Grease sequel, Lubricant, to name just a few. Perhaps the most controversial screen play being written for the cinema is a star-studded musical, The Marshall and the Grey Cardinal. The Marshall is said to be Kim Jung-un and the Grey Cardinal, Vladimir Putin. The two world leaders are placed shirtless on a deserted island somewhere in the south pacific and forced to compete for dominance with dueling arias and gospel solos. Some of the songs suggested for the film are: “Celeste Aida” by Verdi, “Lensky’s Aria” by Tchaikovsky, “We Fall Down But We Get Up” by Donnie McClurkin and “Souled Out” by Hezekiah Walker. The show culminates in a duet with the couple singing “Rough Side of the Mountain” made famous by Rev. F.C. Barnes and Rev. Janice Brown. The film will be released by summer on YouTube.

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