October 18, 2021

Frankly Fanny by Herself


Dear Frankly:
I have met a great guy at work. He’s sweet, good- looking and nice to talk to. I am completely in love with him.  I wish we were “closer.” We had one date recently. A past love interest of his is now available again. I am worried about the future of our relationship. I want to jump in with both feet. But I am afraid of being the odd woman out in a love triangle. Perhaps he really is through with her. However, I cannot be sure. What do you advise I do next?
      Confused Claire

Dear Confused:
Chances are if he had a relationship with this woman, they were doing the dirty dance at one time. Unless you gave it up after the one date (which would make you both sexually aggressive) your relationship is one of friendship. If it’s true love, perhaps it calls for a second date.
Dear Frankly:
I am having an on-line romance with a wonderful and loving man. He has one problem. He is eighteen and I am 36. We have been corresponding for over one year. He is very supportive, a dear and really makes me happy. We plan on getting together for an actual encounter soon. I am so excited. I care for him immensely and do not want to hurt him.  Can the May/December relationship work between an older woman and a younger man?
 Loving Lois

Dear Loving:
I am a believer that if you are in love, age doesn’t matter. Of course, it is usually an older man and younger woman. It’s high time the tables were turned. At least he is at the perfect age. If you get married and it doesn’t work, you can always help him get his GED.

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