October 6, 2022

Frankly Fanny by Herself










Dear Frankly:
I have been dating a woman with three children for a little over a year. I’ve been invited to go with her to her sister’s wedding. I thought we’d go in together on a gift.  She told me that she and two of her kids already bought a gift. She says I have to get her sister a present by myself which at least equals the cost of my meal at the wedding reception. I feel excluded and wish she had consulted me first. What should I do?
     Puzzled Peter

Dear Puzzled:
People shouldn’t invite you expecting a gift. But if that’s her family’s modus operandi, then I would check and see what the dinner options are. Forego the surf and turf and opt for the nacho appetizer plate and base the value of your gift accordingly. Bon appetit.

Dear Frankly:
I met a couple years ago and became a good family friend. Over the last three years, his wife and I have become closer. Recently, she’s been sending hints of her attraction to me. Their marriage has issues and appears to be deteriorating. If the marriage fails, I am thinking of stepping in. I am attracted to her as a person, lover, and wife. Should I commitment to her if they divorce, and what can I expect from a situation like this?
       Friendly Freddie

Dear Friendly:
Good family friend, my behind. You’re just another hound dog. A good family friend would sit down with each or both of them and see if they can’t help the marriage work. The issue they may have that is causing problems in their relationship is most likely you.


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