February 21, 2020

Frankly Fanny by Herself


Dear Frankly:
I am having trouble defining the difference between love and lust. My family tells me that I fall for every guy that comes my way. I tell them that I love each man differently. When they ask me what it is about them that I love, I don’t really have much to say. They tell me that it isn’t love, it is lust. I do have relations with them, but that isn’t what makes me love them. I will usually date them for a year or so, then for one reason or another, we split up. Is that bad?
      Loving Linda

Dear Loving:
I can’t remember the number of times I had sex with a man before I married. There weren’t many, but none of them were memorable. If you’re having relations with one man a year, in ten years, you’ll have bed ten men. Most men bed ten women in one year. You’re no studette.
Dear Frankly:
I met an incredible man a month ago. We have dated every weekend since we met. He is so good looking and funny and he makes me feel good about myself, always calling me beautiful. The trouble is, every time I call his cell phone, I get his voice mail. He never returns my calls until late at night and then complains about being tired, tells me he’ll see me on Friday and hangs up. He works for a law firm and that can be stressful, but does it sound fishy?
 Doubting Darlene

Dear Doubting:
My fourth husband was often called out of town on business. It wasn’t until later that I discovered his business was monkey business. His mistresses had no clue he was married. It seems neither did he. My advice, have a chat with his wife and work out a deal from the divorce.

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