October 18, 2021


Dear Frankly:
Whenever I’m in a situation where I talk with girls I get all hot, sweaty and embarrassed. I can’t even look them in the eye. I feel like I don’t have control of the situation. I go to the washroom a lot just to look in the mirror to make sure I look all right. I generally have this problem around all strangers (also when public speaking) but never as bad as when I’m trying to talk with girls. Around my friends, I am a totally different. Is there something wrong with me?
Disturbed Dennis

Dear Distressed:
My fourth husband got all sweaty when we first met. I found it endearing. After a few years and he continued to perspire when around strangers like a basketball player in the fourth quarter, I had to leave him at home while I socialized. My advice – heavy t-shirts.

Dear Frankly:
My best friend has been dating a guy for about three years. At the beginning of their relationship, he and I spent an evening together. We almost ended up in bed but realized it wasn’t the right thing to do. I never told my friend about this. They are planning their wedding, but I feel the past event is keeping me from being completely open with her. It was a long time ago and I don’t want to ruin her relationship or our friendship. Should I tell her?
Confused Connie

Dear Confused:
You didn’t fool around with your best friend’s fiancee and you want to tell her to clear your conscience. Get over yourself. He probably sobered up in time to push you off and doesn’t even remember the moment. Tell your friend nothing because that’s what happened – nothing.

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