November 28, 2023

A Deceiving Friendship


Dear Frankly,

I was in a relationship that ended a month ago. The cause was her cheating, lying and deceiving me for a long time. I had no idea and it all came as a shock to me. Through all the pain I have suffered, I have really tried to be her friend and understand why she hurt me. But even now it has been me trying to keep contact with her and keep a “friendship” alive. I feel like maybe I’m doing this so that I don’t feel like I wasted over a year with her. Please help.

Caring Carl

Dear Caring,

Let’s get this straight. You were with her for a year. She has been cheating on you for months and you want to remain friends. What a sap. She knows she can come home to you to roost if she lays an egg with some other guy. Move along.

Dear Frankly,

I have this friend whom I’ve gotten to know better over the past few months now. He’s really nice and over all a really sweet guy. I just don’t know exactly what to do, because I have a boyfriend and this guy keeps flirting with me. I don’t intentionally do it, but some of my friends point out that I flirt back. I don’t know if he’s just playing or what exactly his intentions are. I’ve tried to act normal and just friendly and all, but I think he takes it a different way. Any suggestions?

Teased Terry

Dear Teased,

Everybody flirts. It’s only natural. As long as you limit yourself to looks, words and gestures, it is playful fun. It’s when someone starts playing grab ass that it gets dangerous. Personally, I like a little grab ass.


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