November 28, 2023

Snaps His Neck Looking


Dear Frankly,

I have been seeing a man over a year. He is caring, affectionate, communicative, yet he looks at and comments on other women. When we are out and an attractive woman walks by he almost snaps his neck looking. He never says anything crude but he’ll quietly say “Wow!” I hate it. He listens patiently when I tell him how much it hurts, but he continues to do it. I don’t want to be jealous, yet I can’t help the way I feel. Would you help me?

Disturbed Darlene

Dear Disturbed,

Years ago I’d suggest you play grab-ass with strange men while your man was around. But, in today’s sensitive world, I would recommend you comment on the physique of men who pass you by while you are on a date. Boring, but effective.

Dear Frankly,

I have been involved with a man for more than four years. This past year I deepened my faith and have now made my faith a central part of my life. My friend does not object to my beliefs, but does not want to have anything to do with them. I am concerned about our future. I want someone who will share this new world with me. I feel very strongly about my position. Am I being selfish?

Religious Rachel

Dear Religious,

I am happy for you that you found a faith you can embrace. I am confused as to what religion would drive you away from someone who doesn’t share your beliefs. Demanding your mate agree with your tenants is kind of like being in a mixed-race marriage and demanding a skin color change.

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