April 8, 2020

Now That’s Cute!


The Sedona Excentric Task Force takes a look at Cute – not the Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift cute, but true cute – the kind of cute you find only in adorable puppies and kittens, especially when they are asleep. This kitten couldn’t be any cuter. Our mascot Moshe, likes to sleep with her arms wrapped around something – usually one of our writer’s arms. If you turn back to Page 4 in this issue (incase you are flipping through the pages looking at the pictures) you will find an eye opening article from “Buckshot,” the cat who lives with our Staff Kentuckian. You may read an article in other publications about pet owners. Those of us who live with pets know that there is no way you “own” a pet. You may be its legal guardian and responsible for providing it with room and board and an occasional walk or two or three each day or scooping out a litter box, but there is no way that denotes ownership. Even as they age, they tend to retain their “Cuteness.” If you doubt this, simply ask our mascot. She’ll set you straight.


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