December 9, 2023

Advertising For Beginners


The Sedona Excentric investigative team looks into advertising practices in some foreign countries. Now that China has determined to move its farmers and ranchers off their land and into apartments built for the masses by the government, other Asian countries are considering becoming less dependent on imports and more self-sufficient at the expense of their citizens’ independence. If these women are to survive as owners of a spare tire company, they need to come up with an advertising plan to attract major auto makers. They make little tires that come with new vehicles – the ones that you should only ride on for a few miles before replacing it with a real tire. The tires these women make are so special, they only fit Smart Cars and other vehicles that can be parked in the space of a large appliance. Their nephews, educated in the United States, suggested this advertising campaign. The plan is to pass out fliers using this picture and the slogan, “We never tire of serving you.” According to the nephews, American corporations inspired them to return to their native land and use humor to boost income. If successful, the women may be able to have running water brought into their thatch-roofed houses. Next, they will want to become a tax dodging American corporation.

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