December 9, 2023

Booms Rattle a Country?


Pictured above is a clip from the movie “Mars Attacks.” While this is clearly an animated character, it represents the big-headed aliens that are predicted to eventually launch an assault on Earth. Some people think the recent booms were sonic booms created by extraterrestrial aircraft zipping around the world. Rumors of an upcoming invasion are now reaching beyond the sets of Hollywood. While the Martians may not be little green men from outer space (there would have to be some women–unless, of course they would be coming here to take ours) they could, if they exist, still pose a serious threat to life, liberty, truth, justice and the influence of the American way.

by Blodwyn Smythe, Another End Survived Reporter

SEDONA, AZ: BOOOOM! BOOOOM! Unexplained booms were reported across the country last month. While their source remains a mystery, many people who were preparing for the end of days in accordance with a misinterpreted Mayan calendar, thought it was a sign from below that the prophecy was true and had begun.

December 3, 2012, 11:20 pm throughout the state of Rhode Island, reports of a loud boom flooded police stations and social media sites. Warwick Police Department sources said they received nearly 100 phone calls reporting a loud noise that some thought was an explosion. Some residents called to say it shook their homes. On the other side of Narragansett Bay in Barrington, residents also reported the noise, and a few said a flash of light accompanied it. The ones who saw the light were dismissed, as they were leaving a popular watering hole at the time and one of them had used their remote to find their car.

Tuesday, December 4, in Northern Arizona, residents in communities in and around Verde Valley and Flagstaff called emergency services to report the strange booming sounds. One person described the sound as underground thunder. There were even reports of dogs in the neighborhood all barking at once.

Many Sedona residents speculated the sound could have been caused by sonic booms, but no one spotted any jets in the skies. Others believed an earthquake caused the disturbance, though the U.S. Geological Survey indicated no unusual activity and no one felt the earth move. And still others thought it may have been a gas explosion, but no fires were reported anywhere in the area. Despite the numerous reports, no law enforcement agency in the area conducted an investigation. CBS 5 News checked with law enforcement and government sources. And Air Force Base officials confirmed they did not have aircraft over the area during those times.

In Alabama, at approximately midnight around Gentilly Mobile Home Park, a mysterious loud bang was heard. Residents around the area said the sound was not a gunshot or fireworks, as they were all quite familiar with those booms. And in Texas, reports of earthquake-like tremors started Tuesday afternoon and continued until early Wednesday, but couldn’t be confirmed as true earthquakes. Experts couldn’t say what it was, either. There were reports from the Hickory Hollow area with reporting of unusual tremors felt along with a rumbling type of noise. Loud booms and earth shaking in Texas was almost immediately dismissed as an every day occurrence. After all, it was Texas.

Tuesday through Thursday in Georgia, Columbia County officials said people reported hearing mysterious booms over a number of days with some complaining that the blasts were so loud they were awakened from sleep. No one seems to know what they were. That’s the consensus of law enforcement and emergency responders concerning the two loud booms that echoed across the country.

Not in Rhode Island, Alabama, Georgia, Texas or Arizona did an explanation emerge. People are still talking about it in restaurants, the grocery stores, fueling stations, post offices that remain open for the time being, and at Mayan end-of-the-world survival parties. The Excentric World Headquarters in Sedona was inundated with phone calls, email and snail mail the past week asking for an explanation to the booms or requesting Sir William Randolph, World Famous Publisher of Excentric World appoint a committee and launch an official investigation. Sir William was still vacationing on Cape Cod and, though he was probably available for comment, no reporter dared disturb him for fear of–well–whatever.

With the doomsayers left wondering what to do now that the world continues to revolve around the sun with plant and animal life intact, rational minds are being questioned for an explanation to the booms. The distance between the states recording the booms and the differences geologically and geopolitically among the five states presents further consternation that another country or another planet may be involved. To date, no country or planet has declared responsibility for the booms.

Politicians representing the states involved have so far been absent. NRA representatives have broken their silence recently by recommending every citizen be issued a firearm, preferably a semi-automatic weapon fitted with a high capacity magazine, just in case. Their explanation was that the booms were caused by bad guys with equipment capable of producing loud and potentially dangerous and scary booms. Billboards are expected to appear around the country warning people to prepare themselves for more booms and alarm them to a call to arms.

One explanation for the booms from a gun advocate was that aliens from outer space zipped around the world observing earthly life in advance of an invasion causing a series of sonic booms. That theory was debunked by levelheaded minds pointing out that the booms were heard over Arizona, Alabama, Texas, Georgia and Rhode Island–hardly the states super intelligent beings would consider when mounting an invasion upon the United States.

While the mystery of the booms may not be solved, there will never be a shortage of theorists with explanations designed to sell something or promote a personal agenda or influence an election–with fear being the motivator.


Above is an artist's rendition of an asteroid slamming into Earth, representing one of the great dangers to Earth. The other -man.
Above is an artist’s rendition of an asteroid slamming into Earth, representing one of the great dangers to Earth. The other -man.


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