April 16, 2024

Patti’s Cranberry Relish…by Doug “Rabbit” Sutherland, Minister of Reality


 Patti’s Cranberry Relish

Take two full bags of Cranberries
   And cover to their top
With Apple-Pomegranate Juice
   And simmer ’til they pop!

Now, measure out a full cup each
    Of Pomegranate Beads,
Chopped Walnuts and White Sugar and
   Blackberries, crushed to seeds.

Together with a pinch of Salt,
    Dump all that in the pot
And reheat to a gentle boil!
   Be careful!  This is hot!

Then, core and peel two Granny Smiths
   And chop to half-inch chunks,
Then stir them in and turn it off!
   This under-cooks those lunks!

Let stand until completely cool;
   Refrigerate all night!
Your guests will cry, “Pure Genius!” when
   They serve this red delight!

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