April 16, 2021

Doc the Wandering Cowboy


Excentric People

Doc the Wandering Cowboy has been seen pacing the pavement of Sedona in the same outfit for over 14 years now. Wearing spurs, a vest and a cowboy doc’s hat embellished with what looks like an owl feather, you might see him hanging out in Uptown, taking a smoke or looking for a horse. Doc doesn’t seem to have a whole lot to say, but he’s sure hard to miss. He could be a time traveler or just overly nostalgic. You be the judge. But he sure brings the Old West back to Sedona like no one else.

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One Response to “Doc the Wandering Cowboy”
  1. Jeanine says:

    He’s a great man. Take a pic with him and throw him a few bucks. It’ll be a great picture that will leave you with lots of special memories remembering the old cowboy days of sedona, not the touristy ways…

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