November 28, 2023

Rejected Sedona Treats


Ahhhhhhhhhhhg! The Sedona City Council is busy with sticky issues. Recently, they voted to reject a number of proposed treats Uptown vendors were preparing for this Halloween’s annual Uptown Trick or Treat Night. The rejected confections include:

  • Black Licorice Street Lamp Blocking Masks
  • Sugar Coated Shilajit Squirrel Turds
  • Organic Alien Fingers
  • Crystal Crunchers
  • Jell-O Beans
  • Petrified Popcorn Puffs
  • Red Licorice Alien Brains
  • Splenda Dipped Juniper Bark
  • Daffy Taffy
  • Slide Rock Ultra Slim Jims
  • Smoked Trout Farm Balls
  • Page Springs Mesquite Logs
  • Road Kill Fritters On A Stick
  • Trail Mix From West Fork Trail
  • Smoked Gristle
  • Stardust Sprinkled Red Rock Succotash


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