August 10, 2022

Soundsational Eye Opener


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Just seconds after the sounds began, Holly experienced a flood of violet against her closed eyes. And then her third eye appeared and stared intently back at her. Although a bit unnerving, she was too engaged experiencing the multitude of sounds surrounding her body to let it bother her much. Her sound bath by Shaman Akal Jaggs of Sedona Red Rock Tours was an orchestra of tones and vibrations, chanting, whirrs and drum beats, high pitched tings and earth shattering horn blasts that resonated all around and through her, blending and harmonizing with the remnants of previous sounds still reverberating and circling the surrounding teepee temple.

Jaggs uses a variety of instruments including crystal bowls, conches, bells, flutes and drums to clear and balance the chakras and to disperse energy blockages. Asked for one word to describe her experience, Holly quickly replied, “Trippy.” There were sounds, she said, that she could not identify at all but which had a wonderful, mesmerizing effect on her like the wind singing through the trees–but on some other planet. That particular sound, she later discovered, was made by an instrument that looked similar to a vacuum cleaner hose. “I’m glad I had my eyes closed,” she said, afraid that the sight of vacuum hose being whipped around her head would have made her laugh.

After her sound bath, she experienced a mild euphoria that lasted all day, followed by a number of days punctuated with spinning sensations whenever she relaxed or laid down. Her take was that one of the powerful blasts had moved a stubborn blockage in her head and her third eye was clearing as a result of that. After the spinning stopped, she had several experiences of heightened awareness and “seeing in HD.”

Go figure that a sound bath could have such eye opening effects.

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