November 28, 2023

Haunting Phenomena


Q: With Halloween just behind us, I started wondering about my house being haunted. It is over 100 years old, so many have come and gone from here. I know some hauntings feature a single phenomenon such as a door slamming shut repeatedly while others consist of different phenomena, ranging from odd noises to full blown apparitions. I read where there are 16 signs a house might be haunted. I also know they include strange animal behavior and unexplained shadows. If both of these occur simultaneously are the chances greater that your house is haunted?

A: Sure. Two out of 16 signs may mean 1/8th of your house is haunted.

Q: This guy I know, Ed, said he saw a recently deceased drowning victim at his bed, dripping wet, and looked like he had been dead a few days. The ghost told him he was in hell, and had come to take Ed back with him. Ed said he screamed and ran out of the house and didn’t go back for a week. He quit drinking, drugs and all the occult stuff he’d been doing. He actually got his life back on track. Could it be he saw the devil and was scared straight?

A: The devil has probably sobered up more people than Krishna.

Q: I have a friend that went to Sedona recently. She says she went to a restaurant around there that made a lasting impression. It was around Halloween and the place was dressed to the holiday nines. The food was great and the service superb, but she was freaked out by the decor. She said the name of the place was The Asylum. Is there really a restaurant by that name there? Is it as freaky as she claims?

A: Yes and yes, especially if Tony is hosting.

Q: In today’s economy, I was surprised to discover a psyche-spa called Moonview Sanctuary in Santa Monica, California for the burned out, the depressed and the anxious elite who want anonymity and are willing to pay $175,000 a year for the latest innovations in mental health — no insurance accepted. It’s owned by a former agent for Madonna and Michael Jackson who got her doctorate, a non-accredited course, from Ryokan College and a former TV executive. Is there a place like this in Sedona? Do you know anyone who has visited Moonview?

A: No, there is no place like Moonview in Sedona. And, if some people have their way, the new streetlights will prevent any future viewing of the moon. I know no one who visited Moonview. Check with AIG executives.


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