November 28, 2023



Sedona Excentric World staff members take a look back at roundabouts and the benefits they¬†added to controlling traffic during peak seasons in and around and around Sedona. After deciding not to force their cookie-cutter four-lane highway on the residents of Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek (the “other Sedona” to unsuspecting visitors), Arizona Department of Transportation engineers decided what the area needed was roundabouts–and lots of them.

Roundabouts are not new tp traffic schemes. In fact, they are strewn throughout Europe, Asia and the eastern United States. As one can easily ascertain from this picture, they definitely make getting around a lot easier. If you look closely, you can almost make out the bicyclists weaving their way in and out of the congestion. One commuter from this area said this was a typical traffic pattern, but that things could actually get bottled up during rush hour and on certain holidays. Fortunately, Sedona has been able to nudge out the meddling bicyclists and pedestrians.

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