September 27, 2023

Dwindling Number of Weddings


Sedona Excentric World looks at the dwindling number of scheduled June weddings. With the current state of the economy, couples are choosing to postpone their nuptials until their financial futures are looking brighter.

As if the economy were not reason enough to defer matrimonial bliss, mothers are continuing to interfere in their sons’ futures. Reverend Joel Boyd, who is poised to perform his 1,000th wedding ceremony for Affordable Sedona Weddings, ran across this invitation for this coming fall. While Reverend Boyd states that most of his weddings come off without a hitch and few mothers are anything but enthusiastically supportive of their sons and daughters, still some mothers are prepared to go to almost any length to prevent their child from tying the knot. Of course, sadly, many mothers may be simply projecting the failure and misery of their own relationship onto their child as is possibly indicated by this lovely invitation.


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