February 27, 2024

Rising Cost of Fuel Spurs Alternative Modes of Transportation


Sedona Excentric World staff members take a look at the rising cost of fuel on the logging industry in Flagstaff, Arizona. While many Americans have abandoned their standard vehicles for mass transit, smaller fuel-efficient cars, scooters and bicycles, commercial enterprises too have had to resort to alternative modes of transportation. According to a moose salesman in Saskatchewan, Canada, not only has the Canadian dollar soared in value due to the increase in oil prices (Canada is the number 1 importer of fuel oil to the United States, Mexico being second), but their importation of moose and their prices have increased more than 20-fold.

Pictured left is an old time logger strapping his newly acquired moose to a load of freshly cut timber. While moose have been beasts of burden for those in the north country for some time, Americans are still figuring out how to handle the massive mammals. This logger found out the hard way that there are places on the antlered animal that are best left untouched, especially by a cold logger’s hand.


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