December 9, 2023

The Gateway to Cornville


Sedona Excentric World staff members take a look at how the upper crust of Cornville lives. People from this rural area are known around the globe for their devil-may-care lifestyle, fancy-schmancy vehicles and weekly no-tie cocktail parties until the sun comes up or everyone passes out.

Now, many Sedonans, disappointed and disillusioned by the once happening, hippy laden, New Age artist retirement colony, are leaving the city in droves to relocate to the land of the unpretentious party animals. “These people simply have not forgotten how to have a good time,” a bartender at the Page Springs Restaurant was overheard saying. “They work hard, play hard, treat everyone the same and, most importantly, will only be seen on a golf course late at night stargazing or sleeping one off. Of course, there are those who have tried to infiltrate the land of the lackadaisical with their wealth, but have yet to shake the resolve of the true Cornvillian. Because of recent popularity and land rush, Cornville has become the most coveted area in Northern Arizona. It’s slogan remains: “Cornville–It Ain’t Much,” while Sedona’s is now: “The Gateway to Cornville.”

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