November 28, 2022

Changing the Name of Cornville?


Dear Ed.,

I’ve heard a nasty rumor that a certain element would like to change the name of Cornville to Santa Fe. Are they confused about where they live? If they want to live in Santa Fe , I suggest they move there. Or we could have a public vote taken, the Cornville way, right out in the open (and not in some sleazy dungeon where people whisper). That should fairly decide where we live. Below is a list of names I’ve imagined. Just circle the one you prefer and mail it to the Excentric. I’m sure they won’t cheat.

1. Santacorn
8. Fesantacorna
2. Corna Fe
9. Santvillecorna
3. Cornasantavilla Fe
4. Fenacorn
5. Santacorna Fe
6. Fevillecornasant
7. Cornafena Santa
14.Cosantan Fe

Anyway, I know where I live!

Rock Pearson, Cornville, AZ (86325)

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