November 28, 2023

Divorce … Cornville Style


Sedona Excentric World staff members take a look at Divorce… Cornville Style.

This is what the owner of the red Corvette came home to after a weekend of “fishing with the buddies.” As he entered the house, he found a note on the dining table from his wife. In it, she apologized for accidentally hitting the gas peddle instead of the brake on their high-riding 4X4 pickup upon returning from the post office. After crashing through the garage door, the truck proceeded to continue in a forward direction, climbing over the new Corvette before settling with the pickup’s rear wheels directly atop the sports car’s roof and the front tires resting comfortably on his new Harley Davidson XL 1200N Nightster.

Fortunately, she managed to steer the truck away from her Vespa Scooter and the ice chest that he had forgotten to take on his fishing trip with his buddies. At the bottom of the note was a postscript message reminding him that a postcard had arrived from Virginia, confirming their reservations for the weekend. She would be at her mother’s.

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