February 1, 2023



Q:  It seems that the popularity of True Blood and Vampire Diaries, and especially the enormous success of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series has contributed to the surge of vampire wanna-bees. Groups are forming celebrating with those from the Goth community in an attempt to fulfill some inner spiritual need. Are these people out there drinking blood?

A: Personally, I think these people are out there, but basically harmless.

Q: I read that different countries have records of wee people existing on their lands. The Irish have leprechauns, Scandinavians have trolls and Icelanders have their elves. Recent sightings by people in Texas have been of “little people” with bows and arrows, pointed hat and pointy ears. Do you think there are wee people living in the forests?

A: I am more familiar with the short-sighted. However, if there are wee people living in Texas they need to leave before becoming game.

Q: After watching the new show, “Believe,” I went to work and, while no one was looking tried to make my swivel chair turn using only my mind. Much to my surprise, it turned slightly after I waved my hand over it and concentrated on it turning. I think telekinesis is real and now I have first hand knowledge that it is real. Do the think telekinesis is real?

A: I believe that people can move things without ever touching them. Take my wife, for instance; she gets me to move day after day, night after night, doing things I might not otherwise do, without lifting a finger.

Q: I read where dog’s can sense earthquakes and other natural disasters long before human beings do. In fact, dogs’ hearing is so astute that it has been registered at four times more powerful than ours. And a dog’s sense of smell is actually much more powerful than his or her hearing. The reason dogs sniff each others’ behinds is to gather information – age, sex, even if they have met before in passing. Some people are now claiming that dogs can detect cancer and other human maladies and warn their care givers. That kind of makes them psychic. What do you believe?

A: That certainly explains why dogs freak out over fireworks. They probably would prefer that their human hunting partner take out their prey by hand-to-whatever combat rather than with a gun. It would be most cool if they could detect illnesses before they reach inoperable stages. Cats, on the other hand, seem to sense feeding time, sleeping time and petting time.

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