July 5, 2022



Q:  I read a story about a single dad who lived with a young son in a very old house. One night, his son was confronted by a bald, old, male ghost who waved his fingers on either side of his head and stuck out his tongue. While the boy was shaken, he chalked it up to be tired, as it happened late at night. When the father had a similar experience, he sent his son to visit friends and prayed for the spirit to leave. According to the man, his home soon felt lighter. Can prayer actually convince a ghost to move?

A: I never doubt the power of prayer, even though the ghost may turn out to be a non-believer. It could be the ghost found a newer, better house.
Q: I have had myriad experiences with poltergeists. From touch lamps turning on and off by themselves, doors opening and closing, and the weirdest – ink stains and dots on my and my sister’s thumbs. Nothing harmful has ever happened, but the pranks are annoying. We are considering having the house exorcized.  What do you think?

A: In my experience, exorcisms can be good, clean, family fun.
Q: I have a friend who loves hiking. One day while hiking a familiar trail following a recent storm, he found himself taking detour after detour. At one point, he found himself in a the forest, in a dark, cool area, surrounded by trees that he didn’t recognize as indigenous to the forest. His phone with GPS no longer had a signal and he found himself walking for nearly six hours before finding his way back to recognizable territory. when he check his phone’s clock upon returning, he had been gone for only two hours. Could he have experienced what some call a loss of time?

A: As with just about everything, I tend to have an open mind. In this case, I would believe your friend stepped into a time warp, or he was abducted by the forest fairies. He should check his armpits for little hickies.
Q: I read this tale of horror about a couple who booked a suite in a hotel to celebrate their anniversary. Her widowed mother came along, booking a separate room, of course. According to the husband, bathroom lights and faucets kept turning on and off, driving his wife to sleep with her mother. he stayed to get his money’s worth. After feeling a cold hand on his leg and breathing on his cheek (face), he took a chair and slept in the hallway. would you have stayed in a haunted room?

A: No. But, I also wouldn’t bring my mom-in-law, no matter how hot she is.

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