December 9, 2023



Q:  I am curious about ghosts. I believe that some spirits either can’t cross over or, in some cases, take their sweet time doing so. I found a story about a mom that passed and hung around her house to taunt and scare the relatives left behind that moved into her home. There were tales of sightings of feet under an unoccupied door and a voice demanding tea, pounding on walls late at night, and even the relocating of clothing? I can explain away most of the activity as the mom’s entity being ticked off that people couldn’t wait for her to go so they could move in. But I can’t figure out the clothing thing. How do you explain that?
A: I used to blame my mate for moving things around our house. I spent a week alone once and it continued to happen. I don’t drink anymore.

Q: I heard a story about someone who, as a child, used to leave things out in her yard for fairies she believed inhabited the woods near her home. One night, while feeling ill, she felt a calm come over her and found a fairy on her window sill promising her things would be fine as long as she believed.  Her mom found her outside and hurried her in and gave her more medicine. Did this child have a close encounter of the fairy kind?
A: I find it’s best to believe in everything – just in case.

Q: I know why there are no discernable pictures of UFOs. My mom and I saw a light hovering over a neighbor’s house some years back. There weren’t phone cameras around then so we took pictures of it with a regular camera. Every time we looked through the view finder, there it was. Every time we looked in the cache of photos, there was nothing there. Therefore, we surmised that they have some kind of cloaking device that allows us to see them, but not photograph them? what do you think?
A: I think you should have checked on your neighbors – the Coneheads.

Q: There seems to be a great number of people trying to contact spirits of dead people. Some use a Ouija board, Necromancy, tarot cards, seances, and other psychic practices to conjure the essence of the dead. Some have claimed to achieve success and communicate with those from the beyond.I have tried to reach out to some of my friends and relatives and even people I didn’t know. So far, nobody has answered my calls. I plan to keep trying until someone hollers back. I believe they are out there. What do you believe?
A: I find it’s best to believe in everything – just in case.

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