August 12, 2022

Crossbreeding for Fun and Profit


Sedona Excentric World staff members take a look at yet another look at television shows being filmed in the Sedona area. This couple sent in their photograph to win acceptance in Rimrock Arizona’s version of “Trading Spouses.”

Shown here are Louigie, the Chihuahua and Birdie, the young Orange Tabby. Louigie’s mate, Crystie, and Birdie’s Rocky, are off having their own photo shoot. After reading an article in the paper, shown in photo, asking for contestants to submit a photograph and biography on each applicant. While the previous “Trading Spouses, Meet Your New Mommy” television shows, broadcast on FOX, focused on the relationship between the new “mommy” and the children, the litters of these potential contestants refused to participate for fear the exposure to conservative viewers may hamper their chances of being adopted. Just as ABC copied “Trading Spouses” with their version, “Wife Swap,” television bloggers are already spreading rumors that ABC expects to copy the animal version with “Mate Barter, Crossbreeding for Fun and Profit.” A public relations firm has touted the recent publicity as priceless.


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