August 15, 2022

A Fearless Breed of Trained Animals


Sedona Excentric World staff members take a look at the fearless breed of animals trained to find missing children, hidden contraband and criminals on the run.

This photograph is of one of those highly trained canines, Boomer, a male bloodhound, working with law enforcement to capture a suspected robber in the area of the Beaver Creek Golf Club. The man allegedly took balls that had been launched into Wet Beaver Creek the water by errant golfers. Witnesses say the disheveled robber appeared to be a vagrant seen wandering the woods nearby. An investigation turned up a mini-camp with a small fire pit, some empty bean cans and a pair of discarded underwear, believed to belong to the ball robber.

Trained to sniff out people by picking up a scent from a piece of clothing, Boomer was shown the underwear. Soiled and unwashed, Boomer declined the sniffing invitation, suggesting the police find the culprit on their own. The bloodhound was returned to his training facility and the case was never solved. Owners of the balls refused to admit they were lousy golfers and taking more than their fair share of Mulligans.


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