August 15, 2022

The Curse of 2611 West Highway 89A


View of Thunder Mountain from 2611 W. Highway 89A

The Word Around Town

Asking about Thai Spices restaurant moving from its previous location to 2611 West Highway 89A causes many people to just shake their head.

“I don’t know what it is about that location,” you hear time and again, “but no restaurant ever seems to make it there.”

Then the litany of restaurants that have occupied the single story building with views of Thunder Mountain begins: the old Osho Cafe, Savannah’s, Wild Orchid and, most recently, a French restaurant that only lasted about three weeks. Various reasons are then offered in hushed tones that include bad energy or feng shui, a curse and possession by entities.

Pearl Pardee, owner of Thai Spices, a long-standing Sedona health food Thai restaurant, doesn’t buy it. She firmly believes Thai Spices’ proven natural cuisine and loyal customers, along with great prices and an interior makeover will finally put the curse to rest. Of course, she did have a cleansing ceremony conducted before the restaurant reopened–just in case. I mean, this is Sedona, right.

So far, business has been good (despite some reported service challenges inside and some overly exuberant bamboo growth outside). So, we’ll see. Only time will tell if the curse has been reversed, the feng shui has been remedied, and the entities have finally gone somewhere else to eat.

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