November 29, 2022

Snoopy Rock’s To Do List

  • Get Sedonans to chip in on decent Dog House Rock.
  • Quit chasing Rooster Rock, except on weekends.
  • Invite the Red Baron over for pizza.
  • Stop lifting leg every time I pass Chimney Rock.
  • Have Garfield and Odie over for Red Dog Beer.
  • Head up petition drive to outlaw celebrity rock dog neutering.
  • Go to Slide Rock and cool off the hot paws.
  • Make Football Rock for Charlie Brown.
  • Renew subscription to AKC Gazette magazine.
  • Stop chasing tail during full moon.
  • Get back frisbee from bully extraterrestrials.
  • Sniff backs of rocks shaped like dogs.
  • Persuade folks at Eukanuba to sponsor rock concert.
  • Stop barking at tourists on bikes.
  • Try to make fewer rock slides when licking myself.


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