July 6, 2022

Treasure Reserves Discovered . . . By Bishop, Special Excentric Buccaneer


Gentle readers perhaps you have heard the tale about the two fishes arguing about the existence of the ocean first told to me by Dr. Blanton amidst a seminar at the Pink Nectar Café on the outskirts of town.

Seems that two fish were arguing about the existence of the ocean. The first fish says, “it is all around you. You are surrounded by it. You have lived in the water all your life.” Demands the second fish, “show me! Prove it. Where is this ocean?”

Where are lot things, gentle reader, which we can’t see even though it can be discovered after a bit of effort at Sedona’s marvelous library. Take the beloved Verde River, a classic example, flowing through our land here for 11 million years yet polls reveal that most people have never heard of it, let alone seen it.

And so it is with Sedona Recycles on Shelby Dr. open 24 hours a day, processed 8 million tons a year and five drop-off sites. A non-profit with solar power has a constant stream of visitors curious about the center’s motto, reduce, reuse, and recycle. Truth be known the betting is that a majority of the residents are like the second fish—what recycling center, prove it? Education efforts are increasing.

Speaking of oceans one of the great mysteries of our time is this: In the past decade, U.S. corporations have doubled the amount of funds they have stored in other countries so as to avoid U.S. taxes. At first glance the number of funds hit like a loud foghorn. The nation’s top 1,ooo companies reveal that $2.1 trillion is held overseas, the precise details are rare.

Why? To avoid U.S. taxes.

One of the most publicity aware corporations, Microsoft, reported that with $76 billion foreign earnings’ should they bring it home, its tax bill of $24 billion. Apple does too. Most big corporations hide those numbers.

So what’s the problem?

Topping the list is hypocrisy! The same big companies lobby against food stamps, health and safety rules, and nearly every kind of regulation on the grounds that profits will be reduced and also layoffs will occur.

Also on the list is a more substantive problem. Big lesson from 2008 debacle was that even with healthy corporations, financial healthy can vanish like smoke. These days with offshore profits rising but tax liabilities still concealed, the disclosure issue worsens by the year.
Also on the list are companies like Walgreens, that aim to base their headquarters in another country entirely, thereby getting the advantages of hiding from U.S. taxes yet also getting benefits of lower taxes in their new head quarter’s country, say the Netherlands.

The nagging question is why are we not marching in the streets?  Billions have disappeared, maybe more, and the rumors of new securities with little value are spreading among the insiders. No one has spent a day in jail, yet.

Happier news is to be enjoyed in our area—though not in Jerome. There have been rumors for years that huge copper resources lie beneath Jerome, as much as 60 billion worth, maybe more. Trouble is that the businessmen behind it are from Bolivia and don’t care about dynamiting all the good galleries and eateries there. One treasure to be tapped.

Not so, however, over the mountain between I17 and Prescott. There lies Gray Wolf.  So, gentle reader, you think that is a ranch, the name of a vortex guide or some sort of New Age guru center. Not so. For buried in Graywolf are tons of trash that could have been treasure—and still could be. Am I losing it in the heat and smoke?

No way, gentle reader. It is a landfill where buried are 148,000 tons of material. Hold on! So what, you ask, you wonder? Of those tons, 62 percent could have been recovered using recycling methods by Sedona Recycles today. Believe it not but based on current prices, the value of material is $9 million, enough to hire some teachers and take a trip to the ocean, once in a while to see the fish.

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