February 27, 2024

Today’s Moribund Economy


Sedona Excentric World looks at some ways Americans are adapting in today’s moribund economy. One Cornville, AZ resident was forced to sell his pickup recently to make ends meet. Before departing with his second favorite possession, he offloaded the cab and created a shaded cover for his pets, complete with windows. To secure it for upcoming monsoon winds, he placed his picnic table, which once occupied the area where the doghouse settled, on top of the dogs’ new shelter.

As shown in the picture, the picnic table was missing one bench, causing the table to tip over and toss food and drink every time it was used. After pitching four meals into their neighbor’s yard to be consumed by a band of marauding raccoons, the table was abandoned, awaiting future use. The dogs, chocolate and vanilla labrador retrievers, immediately adapted to their new digs, thanking their owner by alerting him every time his neighbor emerged by barking incessantly.


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